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HELLO AND WELCOME! I believe that healthy eating matters. Good food is an important part of a good life and we all deserve to be able to eat well. We're worth it!

But often, it doesn't seem possible.....

  • Do you find healthy eating difficult, because there isn't enough time to cook?
  • Are you too tired when you get home from work to cook a healthy dinner from scratch?
  • Do you worry about what you are feeding your kids?
  • Do you fall back on ready-meals and take-outs because you aren't organised enough to cook, plan and shop for healthy meals?
  • Are you confused about what makes a healthy diet?
  • I hope to help you address these difficulties, which are part of modern life for most of us. Along the way, I hope that you too will share my passion for pure, natural food and the joys of the table! No matter what your situation is, I hope to inspire and encourage you to enjoy good food again.

    Life is tough these days. We are all so busy, especially if we have careers and children to attend to. Somehow, even though we want to do our best for ourselves and our kids, cooking and eating together, seems to get left out.

    Many of us end up feeding ourselves and our families bad-quality, processed, fattening foods, just to get through the week, not because we really want to. I know---for a time, I was that soldier!

    If this sounds like you, join the club! You are not alone! I know exactly how you feel. I used to wish some Fairy Godmother, or 'Good Food Angel' would appear in my kitchen to help me out when I arrived home from work, exhausted and had to start cooking dinner from scratch.

    She would wave her wand and Voila! ---- a lovely, home-cooked meal would appear, just like my grandmother used to make. Then we would all sit around the dining table and chat and enjoy the food, the way people used to do before we all got so busy. (My personal Good Food Angel would even stop my dog from barking!)

    But alas, there are no angels out there waiting to help frazzled moms. With the disappearance of the extended family and with everyone out working, many people, like me, have no one they can fall back on for help. I realised I had to help myself and become my own 'Good Food Angel'. So that is what I did. Eventually, with effort, planning and determination, I found a way to incorporate healthy eating back into my busy life and to continue living holistically.

    Now, with this website, I can reach many people who find it difficult cook and eat healthily. It is my pleasure to share with you here the approach to meal-planning, shopping and cooking that worked for me and the resources I developed to help myself and others, over the years. I will be your cyber'Good Food Angel', to help you find a way to give your children the benefits of nourishing, home-cooked food and shared family meals!

    I will give you lots of practical help and provide all the information and resources you will ever need to incorporate natural, nourishing food into your everyday life, for yourself and for your loved ones.

    Despite our demanding lives, I believe it is possible to eat a good, healthy diet all the time. We just need a little more thought and planning and a little more help. And that is what I hope you will find in this website---everything you need to start healthy eating, all in one place.

    As you browse my pages, I will take you through the process of learning about healthy food, how to plan for a healthy diet, how to stock your kitchen, how to shop for good food, how to cook healthy meals and, for parents, how to introduce a healthy diet to your children, without alienating them!

    I also have lots of healthy recipe ideas and tips and tricks to help you on your way towards a diet of lovely healthy food, which will benefit you and your family, in so many ways, for the rest of your lives. I will help you redesign your lifestyle to include healthy meals and my Shopping and Meal-Planning System will help you develop your own Healthy Eating Survival Plan.

    I will also give you all the knowledge you need to make informed food choices for yourself and your children. There is so much information in the media about food these days, it can be overwhelming and much of it is misleading. I will keep you in touch with what is important to know and provide you with clear, truthful information about food.

    Food matters and health matters. It is important that we try to overcome whatever obstacles prevent us being able to prepare good, homecooked meals, especially for our kids.

    I believe that food is an important part of life, in so many ways. I believe it matters to our world, whether we consume natural, healthy food, or continue eating more and more processed, ready-meals. I believe it matters, that we introduce healthy eating to our children and that we preserve the ritual of sitting at the table to eat with them, at the end of the day.

    For those reasons, I am happy to share with you my knowledge and experience and I hope it helps bring you health and happiness!

    Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!
    Blessings on your table!
    The Good Food Angel.

    P.S.....Relax, this is a guilt-free zone! We are all doing our best within the constraints of our lives, juggling so many different things. We would all like to be able to eat delicious healthy food all the time. We know what we 'should' do and we don't need any more brow-beating over it! We need the means to create the healthy eating lifestyle that we know we should have.

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