Eating for Beauty

Eating for beauty is an essential part of looking your best. Good natural food nourishes your complexion from the inside out and has proven anti-aging properties.....BUT, I'm not going to mislead you into thinking that there is some magical set of foods that will, on their own, halt the march of time! What is possible is that you can learn to avail of the contents of Nature's pantry which provides us with a cornucopia of wonderful foods which can keep us looking great for our age, when combined with other good lifestyle habits.

So, first let's remind ourselves of the fundamental principles of a healthy lifestyle, which can keep us looking our most beautiful, no matter what age we are----this by the way is my personal philosophy on beauty. I don't necessarily think that younger women look more beautiful than older women. Women who look after themselves and have that certain radiant glow and vitality look beautiful whether they have wrinkles or not! It is not a question of being wrinkle-free, or trying to look like you did in your twenties. It is a question of being vital and glowing and healthy and radiant and serene. It is a question of looking your best, whatever age you are. To do this, here are all the tings you need to pay attention to, including eating for beauty....

  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Fresh air and daylight
  • Protection from sun damage
  • Relaxation
  • Pure natural food

See, eating for beauty is important and effective, but is not a silver bullet that can undo the effects of ignoring the other principles of a healthy lifestyle!

So, regarding eating for beauty, there are certainly specific foods that can help you look vital and fresh, but if you are also eating a lot of junk and overloading your metabolic system with processed foods, saturated fats, sugar and toxins, it is unlikely that you will notice any difference. So, pay attention to the principles of healthy eating first, before you go off looking for special superfoods and food supplements. Everything you need to know about healthy eating is here on the various pages of this site, so do browse through and if you need a helping hand to redesign your lifestyle, my free workbook might help. The main thing is to eat fresh, natural, home-prepared food and lots of fruit, nuts and vegetables, including salads and raw foods each day.

Once you have established the basic principles of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, then there are some additional foods I would recommend you include in your diet if you are interested in eating for beauty.

  • Green and white tea

  • Elderberries

  • Beetroot

  • Carrot

  • Ginger

  • Avocado

  • Flax and linseed oils

  • Mackerel/Sardines

  • Turmeric

Do choose organic foods wherever possible, in order to cut down your daily intake of toxins, which have an aging effect. Also remember that it is always better to eat these nutrients in their natural food form if you can---when certain bits of foods are extracted to be used in supplements, they may not always work as effectively within the human metabolism as the whole food does. However, if you are generally eating a healthy diet and need to fall back on supplements to make sure you get the extras, look out for ones that are made from natural ingredients rather than synthetic alternatives. And never substitute tablets for a healthy food diet!

Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!
Blessings on your table!
The Good Food Angel

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