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If you would like to join The Good Food Angel Campaign for Better Food, you can print it out, sign it and send it to food manufacturers, farmers, and local political representatives, as you see fit. You can also click on the Share Button below and post a link to this petition on your social networking sites, or email it to a friend.

You can also support my campaign by sending me your electronic signature in the form below. I am hoping to build up lots of momentum on the internet for this, because there are so many people across the world, who want to be able to buy good quality, natural food and are finding it increasingly difficult.

From the Kitchen of the Good Food Angel....

To government agencies, regulatory authorities, food producers and processors, we wish to address the Good Food Angel Petition to you:

We are consumers of food who wish to be able to eat natural, healthy food. Some of us are parents who wish to be able to feed natural, healthy food to our children.

This is becoming more difficult because of what happens to our food before it reaches our tables. This is due to the interventions of the various players in the food industry----from primary growers and producers at one end, to the supermarkets at the other end. It is also due to the policies adopted by governments and regulatory agencies, who do not properly control what is done to our food and do not always act in the public interest. As the end consumers, we have very little control over the quality of the food we feed our children and ourselves. And the people who have the control, the food industry players and the policy-makers, clearly do not have our interests at heart and do not listen to what people like us want. So, to put it clearly and simply, here is what we want:

***We want to be able to buy fresh, natural, unadulterated food. We want it to be easily available, at an affordable price.

***We want the organic sector to be supported, so that everybody can buy fresh, organic produce, locally grown and affordably priced.

***We want proper regulation of processed foods, so that they cannot contain more salt, sugar, or fat than is healthy for a child to consume, proportionate to that product's place in a child's diet.

***We want a ban on hydrogenated oils (trans fats), because of their danger to human health.

***We want proper food-labelling, so that the ingredients are given in an understandable form, with proper indication of whether they come from plant or animal source.

***We want the source country of origin to be displayed on food labels so we can decide if the food comes from a region which has safety standards we are happy with.

***We want an end to battery farming in the poultry industry, which is gratuitously cruel and cannot produce food that is genuinely healthy for humans to eat.

***We want to be able to eat meat, poultry, milk and eggs and other animal products, knowing that the animals that have provided our food have at least had a happy life, in a natural environment, where their welfare was protected.

***We want our food from animal sources to be hormone, drug and disease-free. We want to know its country of origin in whatever form we buy it, including when we order it in a restaurant.

***We do not want schools to be allowed to sell sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks in vending machines, or cafeterias. These are damaging to our young people's health.

***We do not want our frozen foods to be treated with formaldehyde.

***We do not want our apples/lemons/oranges/peppers to be waxed, or kept in cold storage for up to a year.

***We do not want food that is contaminated by lindane, antimony, or other toxins that leech from unsuitable packaging material.

***We do not want dangerous pesticides and other additives in our foods. We are not happy with all the things that are currently allowed, many of them carcinogenic chemicals. Why are the interests of the chemical industry being put before human health?

***We do not want G.M. foods. Period! We do not even want them to be grown, because they endanger the farming of non-G.M. food and cause environmental damage. Why allow them to be grown when no one wants to eat them? Why is there an agenda to force them on the world?

***We do not want the interests of the public to be suppressed in favour of the food industry. We are unhappy with the influence the food industry lobbyists have over policy-makers.

***We do not want fruit and vegetables, which can be grown locally, to be flown thousands of miles to get to us. This practice is environmentally unsustainable. It provides us with produce that is not fresh enough and, in terms of food security, it is not wise.

***We do not want our drinking water to be polluted by the effluents of industry, the leechings of landfill dumps and the run-offs of agricultural chemicals. Our water table is a common asset, a priceless natural resource and we want you to safeguard it with the same tenacity as you would guard an oil-well. If you don't, pure, clean water will become more valuable than oil, and like oil, will become the cause of many wars and human suffering.

Having access to fresh, natural, unadulterated food and water is a right, not a privilege. This is what we demand. It is a very simple demand and our children deserve it. We are not interested in excuses, procrastinations, or rationalisations. We do not want anymore political dissembling, bureaucratic stone-walling, or industry disingenuity. These are symptoms of how misguided human affairs have become. We want a democratic response to our democratic demand. We want change, NOW, for the sake of our children, our children's children, for the sake of this earth that we live on, and because of what we know in our hearts to be right.

Yours faithfully,


Copyright. 2008. Your Healthy Eating All rights reserved.

Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your table!

The Good Food Angel.

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