My Good Food Manifesto for Children

I believe good food nourishes children, body and soul.

I believe authentic food is part of an authentic existence.

I believe children need the nourishment of natural, home-cooked food.

I recognise how hard it can be for parents to give their children that most simple necessity---good food. This is the conundrum of our advanced society, that the most basic things are the most difficult. In most families, both parents, out of economic necessity, work outside the home and have little time, or energy left over for cooking.

A further problem is that the foods we buy have added ingredients we do not want. Another is that our children are subject to peer pressure, unscrupulous advertising and the marketing techniques of the food industry.

The result of all this is that the ritual of the family meal is disappearing and the ancient, sacred place of home-cooked food, at the centre of family life, is being eroded.

I believe we have to take back control over what and how we feed our children. Many things about our world we cannot change, but some we can. I hope that you will once more be inspired to place real, home-cooked food at the centre of your family life----a wonderful thing to do! In today's synthetic, profit-driven, technological world, it is possibly even a radical thing to do. It is certainly one of the most important things you can do to give your children a better life, a healthier life, with a richer texture of existence.

And remember, each time you cook a beautiful meal for your children, you give them your love, not only as they eat it, but also as a gift, sent off into the future, where they will treasure it long after you are gone, as they remember, and try to recreate, the meals you once cooked for them....

Remember! Healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your table!

The Good Food Angel

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