A Healthy Dining Area Makes
For Nicer Meals!

Having a healthy dining space is a really important, but overlooked part of a healthy lifestyle. Most houses don’t have actual dining rooms anymore and these are not necessary. But, wherever you place your table, make it a good place for you and your family, or friends, to gather together and enjoy eating. The place where you eat your meals everyday should be a space that serves its purpose well.

I believe it is important to create a space in your home that is reserved only for eating. Otherwise, it gets cluttered up with all the other activities of the household, such as homework, books, bills that need to be paid, the Sunday supplements you haven’t read and whatever else is demanding your attention! You shouldn’t have to clear a pathway on your table so you can sit down and eat.

nice dining space

An inviting, clear, well-placed, table will encourage you and your family to sit down together and eat well. Your table should not be pushed against a wall. No one enjoys facing into a wall while they eat. As for breakfast bars, in my view, they should have no place in a home. This is the sort of seating you would find in a restaurant where they don’t want you to get too comfortable. Even at breakfast time, when you are not planning to linger, it is important to feel the order of sitting properly at the table to eat.

Place your table in a space where everybody can move around it. If you are short on space, I think it is preferable to get a smaller table, than to have a large table pushed against a wall. Round tables are more space-effective, as you can fit more people around them than rectangular ones.

In feng shui philosophy, rectangular tables are frowned on because of the sharp edges and dead energy of the corners. While I am quite partial to huge long trestle tables for large groups, I do think there is something really nice about a round table for family meals. Roundness seems to create a spatial dynamic that is more congenial and conjuicive to good conversation.

In Celtic symbology, circles represent eternity and the circular nature of the seasons. In other words, circles are the shape of life. Round tables have a continuous, circular unity creating a different energy field to that of geometric, rectangular tables. Another notable difference is that circular tables have no place for ‘the head of the table’.

You could say, therefore, that a round table has more of an egalitarian dynamic, one that is more respectful of every person’s place at the table, regardless of age or status. The table-geography of the father and mother, sitting at opposite ends of a rectangular table, is inherently authoritarian.

When creating a healthy dining area, choose your colours well. Colours are important in a dining area, because they nourish us in their own way. Rich, soft, safe colours, like dark red, or terra cotta, are good colours for a dining room. Soft yellows, greens, or lavenders are also good. Avoid anything too glaring. Don’t clutter your dining area with patterned wallpaper, fussy ornaments and cluttered sideboards, which distract from the task at hand---eating.

When dining after dark, keep the lighting soft and even, but bright enough to see the food properly. A large low-hanging lamp, over the centre of the table, can throw light that is too uneven and garish. And, in addition to electric lighting, I always like to light a candle in the middle of the table, even in daylight.

Healthy dining takes place in a space you will feel calm and at home and nourished by, just like the food you are eating.

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Remember! Healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your table!

The Good Food Angel.


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