Healthy Eating Kids

Who doesn't want to have a family of healthy eating kids? When other mothers ask me how they can get their kids eating healthy food, my answer is always the same----make it tasty! Just like adults, children do not like bland, tasteless food.

Contrary to popular opinion, children don't really like factory food either---if offered a tasty, home-cooked equivalent, they will usually prefer it. What they like about factory food, is the illusion of tastiness, created by unhealthy amounts of sugar, salt and fat, added to disguise highly-processed, bad-quality, low-nutrition ingredients.

When you are home-cooking good, nourishing food, using lots of herbs, spices and fresh, flavoursome, whole ingredients, you can beat off the competition from the food industry any day.

Healthy eating kids

But in this war, and it is a war, you need to know the enemy! Factory food is well packaged, gimmicky and 'fun'. Millions of dollars of marketing research and advertising expertise has gone into producing it and plugging it and brainwashing your kid to want it!

When I was a child, food was much simpler. It was plain and healthy. We ate whatever was put in front of us and had no expectation of anything else. There was no Kid's TV, full of ads for junk food, aimed at children too young to be able to discriminate between truth and advertising. When I was a child, Big Business hadn't yet created the 'Kiddie Market'. But we live in different times now and to take on the battle of healthy eating for kids, we have to fight back. This war is about our children's health and

we need to take on the competition with all the creativity and persistence we can muster.

If your family have been eating factory food for a long time, it may take time to wean them off it. Junk food is a type of addiction, and changing children's eating habits is not easy. If so, you may have to put effort into making your lovingly-prepared, healthy food visually appetising and fun to eat and most important of all, really tasty. Your standing there, in your kitchen, telling your child that your home-cooked food is healthier, is not going to do the trick! They will not suddenly change to being healthy eating kids on the basis of a lecture! They have to become enrolled in the process and be a part of the changeover to any new lifestyle. Otherwise they will be resentful.

You will only have to make this much effort at the beginning. Once your new, healthy eating kids lifestyle is established, it will be much easier and a lot less fuss. The main challenge will be at the beginning---coaxing everyone to change and try something different and healthy. Once you get over the initial block and set down new habits for everyone, they do eventually become habitual, and the protests will fade away!

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Remember! Healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your table!

The Good Food Angel.


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