Healthy Fast Food Recipes

Healthy fast food may seem like a contradiction in terms, but it can be created, with very little fuss and bother, if you get into the habit of it, instead of falling back on take-outs. Begin with some of the dishes below and then compile your own little file of fall-back recipes that are quick and easy for those times when you are very busy and very tired!



From the Kitchen of The Good Food Angel


By the time Friday comes round, we need some healthy fast food--- it’s a case of TGIF in our house! I’m low on food stocks. After a tough week’s work, I’m also low on ideas, low on time, and low on energy. What to make for the lunchbox? Most supermarkets now stock ranges of very good quality artisan breads. I usually keep a cake of foccacia in my freezer for Friday emergencies and I always have a block of cheese in the fridge. Feeding your child well doesn’t always have to be laborious. If you have a good quality bread to hand, even a very plain sandwich can be a feast.


Foccacia bread

Sliced cheese

Olive oil


Black pepper

Anything else you have to hand (olives, leftover meat, ham, tomato etc.)


Cut the foccacia into triangles, slit it open and tuck in a slice of cheese. Then drizzle a little olive oil inside and sprinkle whatever herbs you have to hand, with a twist of black pepper. If you have anything else in the fridge, tuck it in too.



From the Kitchen of The Good Food Angel



organic eggs ( about two per person)

fresh chopped herbs

black pepper

a little water


Beat eggs with a hand whisk and add a little water to thin the mixture (a few teaspoonfuls). Throw in a nice big handful of chopped herbs, season with black pepper and stir. Heat olive oil on heavy-based frying pan. When hot enough, pour in egg mixture and cook for a few minutes. You will find detailed instructions on how to cook an omelette on this page. Serve with summer couscous and green leaf salad.

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Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your tabel!

The Good Food Angel.


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