Your Healthy Meal Planning System

Weekly Survival Plan:

Here is my simple, healthy meal planning system which you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements. Below, you will see a sample of one of my filled-in, weekly menu-plans. Notice how I re-use items for lunch that have been cooked for dinner the previous day. I also always have a Stand-By column, in case, when I go shopping, I cannot get fresh ingredients for what I had planned to cook. I also plan what I am going to cook ahead to freeze for next week and so make sure I buy extra food for that too when I do my shopping.

 meal plan

Healthy Food Shopping List Type A (listed by types of food):

Here is the beauty of a healthy meal planning system! When you are tired and short of time, you can go around the supermarket on auto-pilot when you have a proper shopping list like this one! The trick is to literally write everything down that you need to cook each dish from your weekly survival plan. Then you will buy for the healthy meals you want to eat, not the junk stuff you buy when you're too tired to think and plan while you shop.

Then, if you have created a mainframe reference shopping list , all you need to to is do a quick check to see if anything on it needs replenishing.

The beauty of having a mainframe list, especially for busy working mothers, is that you don't have to physically be in your house to do your meal planning and write up a shopping list. As long as you have your mainframe reference list with you, you can use it to jog your memory for whatever you need, rather than having to actually look in your larder, fridge and freezer. I advise busy working mothers to carry a copy of their mainframe list with them on their handbags, or keep a copy at work. If you don't yet have a mainframe list, when devising your own healthy meal planning system, just do a quick visual larder, fridge and freezer check to see what needs re-stocking. Add that stuff too. And finally, think about miscellaneous extras, snacks etc., that aren't part of an actual meal. This shopping list is for people who like to organise their list according to food groups.

shopping list

Healthy Food Shopping List Type B (listed by shops you go to)

This is just another way of doing a shopping list. I use this method for healthy meal planning because I find it easier. When you start eating healthy food, you may find that you have to start going to a few different places to get it, such as health food stores and farmers' markets. If this is the case, this method will probably suit you best. Just write in the food you need, as for the shopping list above, except this time, grouping it in columns according to the shops you buy each product in.

shopping list

Sample of a mainframe checklist you can create, to jog your memory when doing up your weekly list.

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Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your table!

The Good Food Angel.


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