Good Kitchen Equipment Helps
You Cook Well!

You won’t need a lot of gadgets, or high-tech kitchen equipment for my type of cooking. I hate too many gadgets because I have never had the luxury of a very big kitchen and they just clutter the place up. I only tolerate those I need to use all the time. Anything else isn’t worth the space.

When buying pans and saucepans, it is a false economy to buy cheap, bad-quality ones. If you have never really equipped a kitchen properly before, you may be shocked at how much good quality cast-iron kitchenware costs, as I was, the first time I bought it as a penniless student!

But the beautiful Staub pots and pans I bought decades ago, for a small fortune, are the ones I still use today. They worked out cheaper in the long run, than the bargain ones I also bought along the way, that fell apart after a few years, or burnt so quickly that I had so many blackened-saucepan-episodes, they had to be thrown out.

Investing in good cookware is also important to your cooking. If you are using a bad frying pan, your food will burn and it will spit out oil all over the place when you turn the heat up. Likewise, a thin-based saucepan, which does not distribute the heat evenly, will spoil many a dish and make cooking a frustrating chore.

Kitchen Equipment List

Sometimes, it is legitimate for a good cook to blame bad cookware for a ruined dish----so make things a little easier for yourself by using pots and pans that are worthy of your efforts. Here is a list of things that I find make the life of a Good Food Angel a little easier:

Good press/larder space, as cool as you can make it with good shelving

A spacious fridge

A spacious freezer with pull-out shelves

A good oven (electric or gas)

A good hob (gas is better than electric and a range is best of all!)

Food processor

Hand blender

Vegetable crinkle cutter

Cookie cutter

Hand juice squeezer

Garlic crusher

A few good knives

A couple of ladles

Some good sized large spoons

A few good quality wooden chopping boards (mark out one for vegetables, one for fish/meat and one for fruit/dessert things)

Wooden breadboard

Lots of air-tight glass jars to store your pulses, grains, pasta, sugar etc.

Cast-iron heavy based saucepans (le Cruesset is good—--get the ones you can also put in the oven)

Cast iron heavy-based frying pans (as above---I have ones with removable handles that can also go under the grill or in the oven)

Proper pasta saucepan (with in-built strainer)

Omelette pan


Large soup/casserole toureen with a thick base

Other large saucepans for boiling spuds etc.

Vegetable steamer (stainless steel or bamboo)

Fish Kettle

Milk saucepan

Mortar and pestle

Cake tins

Baking trays

Casserole dishes with lids

Pie/ meatloaf/ bread tins

Oven-proof flan dishes

Some nice serving bowls for the table

A large fruit bowl for the table

A nice candle holder and non-synthetic candles for the table

Some nice plain delf, white or coloured (anything too fussy distracts from the food)

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Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your table!

The Good Food Angel.


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