Natural Foods are Healthy Foods!

Almost nobody wants us to eat natural foods, except ourselves! Pure, unadulterated, unprocessed foods, are undoubtedly what is healthiest for us. Yet, in today's world, unless we are lucky enough to be able to grow our own food, they are the foods that are most difficult for us to source.

Why is this? This has come about, because it doesn't suit any of the hidden agendas involved in the food industry, which is now part of global Big Business. The food industry is not guided by the laws of good food, but by the laws of profitability. Natural food is the least profitable food for producers and suppliers to sell us.


The four most important ways we can eat according to our own, healthy agenda, and not dance to the tune of supermarkets and the food industry, are as follows:

#1. As much as possible, choose organic food over non-organic. There is more and more evidence coming out about the detrimental affects of agri-chemicals in our diet. The accumulation of these substances in our bodies, over the years, cannot be healthy and they are likely to be factors in the widespread health problems we see in Western society, such as cancer and infertility. There is also a severe loss of nutrients in force-grown foods, which are produced with chemical help, on depleted, over-worked land. Organic food contains more of these nutrients because of the way it is produced.

# 2. Absolutely avoid eating anything that is genetically-modified. This includes foods that contain some GM ingredients. You will see 'GM', or 'GM-free' on the food label. Anything containing soya should always be checked carefully for GM ingredients, as there is a lot of GM soya grown.

# 3. Avoid eating a lot of foods that contain a lot of food additives, especially if you have allergies, or have children prone to behavioural disorders, or other symptoms that could be exacerbated by some of the harmful chemicals contained in processed food. The more processed a food is, the more additives it will have.

# 4. As much as possible, eat seasonal produce that is locally grown. This way you will be eating what your body most needs, throughout the cycle of the year. You will also be eating the freshest, cheapest fruits and vegetables that are available to you.

We can't always hold absolutely rigid to these rules in today's world, but, as much as possible, if you use these guiding principles, you will be well on the road to healthy eating. You will also be on the road to your optimum health, because pure, natural food is what builds and sustains our health. Below, you will find links to pages which will give you detailed information on each of these four methods of choosing natural foods.

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Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!

Blessings on your table!

The Good Food Angel.


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