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Here are some of the non-commercial websites on food related issues that I would like to support and help publicise because I believe they are doing very important work, and each one in its own way, is a site for a better world.

(*If you are a webmaster of a non-commercial site, on a food-related theme, that is in keeping with the ethics and principles of this website, and you would benefit from some free publicity, I will be happy to consider your site for inclusion on this page. Please use the Contact option on my Navigation Bar to send me your Url and a brief description of your site and the aims of your organisation.

This is the charity set up by the legendary chef and natural food pioneer, Alice Waters, to help promote the cause of pure, natural food and make it available to everybody.

This is the site where you can find out more about the work of Dr Ben Feingold, in uncovering how food additives can have adverse affects on children.

The international movement dedicated to preserving pure, natural homecooked food in our everyday lives. Don't be put off by the title! It is meant to be 'slow' in the sense of being the opposite to fast food!

This is one of the most wonderful and inspiring organisations I have ever come across. Founded by a couple of dedicated environmentalists, who were concerned about the number of varieties of fruit and vegetables that were becoming extinct, Irish Seedsavers do trojan work to preserve gentic diversity of foods for the future. They invite people to send them seeds from unusual varieties, and they preserve those seeds and in turn send them out to others to grow. If you would like to learn more about this charity, to send or buy seeds from them, or just send them a donation, you will be doing a good turn for planet earth!

The eGullet Society for the Culinary Arts

In a world in which food and everything else is being dumbed down, this is an institution that should have a preservation order slapped on it! If you are hungry for intelligent discussion on food matters,this is where you will like hanging out. Serious foodies and serious thinkers post on its boards, making lurking there the equivalent of hiding beneath the table at the Algonquin! You may even feel the cyber-frissons of excitment when eGullet celebrities, like the delectable Anthony Bourdain, (or 'Tony' as he's known at eGullet!) join the online discussion. (La Leche League International)

This is the international site for the La Leche League, which provides counselling, education and support to breastfeeding mothers all over the world. You can find a link to a La Leche League group in your own country through this site and you can find some excellent books and other educational resources there. The ideal time to contact the La Leche League is well before your baby is born, so you have time to talk to a breastfeeding counsellor and know where you can get help if you run into problems after the birth. One of the really important resources provided by this wonderful organisation is the community of other new breastfeeding mothers that you will meet when you join. They will give you that much needed moral support when you most need it, and you may well make some lifelong friends there, as many mothers have done.

This is one of the sites that makes you glad the internet exists, because it demonstrates how the World Wide Web can be used as a powerful tool for the good of humanity. TruthOut is an independent journalism site, where you can trust you will be getting "the truth in the news". (The motto I was trained to aspire to as a young journalist.)

What does a news site have to do with food, you may ask. Well it has a lot to do with food in fact, because the more our fragile democracies become beholden to corporate interests, the less governments want to regulate the quality of our food. This means more chemicals and GM foods and more junk foods on sale in schools etc.

You can read more about how democracy and food are related in my Natural Foods Section, and on my page about genetically-modified foods in particular. In the meantime, I recommend you check out and bookmark the TruthOut site, for news that serves the people and is not twisted to suit corporate interests. A free and independent press is the fourth pillar of democracy and we need to support all who are endeavouring to keep this fine element of Western civilisation intact.

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Remember, healthy eating is enjoyable!

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